Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nighttime Stole the Stars

Nighttime Stole the Stars is a book about the "Kabuniverse Nothing" in the form of three feirie cousins called Echosong, Soulraye and Stardust. The Kabuniverse Nothing also took form as a warrior called Zx, though his feirie name is Joel Warren. Two of the cousins, Echo and Stardust go through emotion problems.
Feiries weren't supposed to be emotional like the humans... Ever since the emotion divas escaped their diva forms, they caused humans to become less emotional and feiries to be more emotional, causing problems for everything.
Zx goes on an adventure to find the ruler of the emotion divas-- the goddess of destruction and emotion. He must "kill" her in order to put the emotion divas back in their diva forms and make things back to normal. Meanwhile, the cousins deal with the emotions. With the help of four little wind divas, and a squirjum, they conquer their problems together.

This story has nothing to do with good verses evil.......

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