Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Night Time

In the night,
Where the moon is full and round,
I feel my senses become lose.
Feeling sensations being released,
My head spinning,
Yet I still laugh uncontrollably.

Don't worry about it,
Because its in my head you see,
A dream,
A vision,
Or a premamisson?

Sometimes I don't know which is which,
That I have in the night.
I know one thing for certain,
It comes from the Dream Spirit.

It comes into my dreams,
And the Dream Spirit takes them however she pleases.
It makes them good,
It makes them bad.
They always have a meaning to your life.

It's okay to stirr in its grasp sometimes.
It knows that some of the dreams or visions she gives,
Can even be painful ones that you have to wake-up.

So don't fear the Dream Spirit,
Or even be too fond of the Dream Spirit,
Because it can just change that in a instant.