Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Staring at the World

Out in space
Is where I am,
I'm there,
Yet not.
I'm everything,
Yet nothing.
I forgot what I am,
Or what I should be.

I see the stars twinkling in my eyes,
And the planets in the universe passing by me.
I also see the moon round in my face,
And I realize that there is no air for me to breath.

I feel a magic power making me fly in the empty world,
I try to touch the empty world,
But there is nothing to touch.
I want to breath air,
But there is non out here.

I want to talk to a being,
But no ones here where I am.
So I look inside myself and try to find,
The world where I am supposed to be.
I look left and right,
Up and down,
But I know that it's useless,
But it somehow feels right at the moment.

I search for some time later for a planet,
As I look in different places,
But I didn't find it so far.

As I look in despair for the world to live,
I realize that I know it will be harder to adapt,
So I just shrug and stare at the empty place,
My empty place.


  1. great poem. i like the detail

  2. Thank you. I made a poem based on Nothing. Made it like if Kali was thinking. It was interesting and fun.