Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Power of Inner Magic

I know inside myself,
I have imagination,
And it sometimes come out,
Either in a good way,
Or it effects me deeply like wounds.

This is my power.
My inner power.
My power to be youthful,
Even though I'm getting older,
And my mind is starting to get narrow.
The poems always remind me to be good,
And heart-full,
And to have fun.
I still have to be cautious,
For it could hurt me in the end.

My friends also help with my power,
They give me ideas,
Or fuel is what I say.

They are not fuel,
They are more then that.
Special jewels,
Like diamonds and sapphires.
They are precious and need to be looked after,
For their shine can fade from within,
And die in my hands with sadness.

My inner power can't save them.
So I have to be careful with them,
And protect them with a gentle hand,
For they can fall and crush under my feet,
In-front of my eyes,
Between my fingers,
No longer in my life,
Or existing.
Gone forever.

So to all my friends,
You give me youth,
And I have pleasure for you to be near me,
And I take it with happiness,
And gentleness.
I'm always afraid of losing you all,
So please never forget me,
And may you live on and prosper.

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