Monday, June 20, 2011

Keeper (continued)


"Hush, my children," came the voice of the great light, "We have a visitor."
Nyma sat, breathless, upon the saddle as thousands of tiny lights circled around her. Their leader, as Nyma assumed, spoke again.
"So, what brings you here, daughter of Fyran?"
"Um.. I-I-I'm Nyma, and I came because my father is dead."
A ripple of high-pitched gasps of horror swept throughout the hollow. Nyma began again.
"And, um, as he is dead, um, I-I-I am now the Keeper of Somaile."
Another round of shocked responses erupted from the cloud of piksies.
"And what have you come to us for, Keeper?" replied the Grand Piksy.
"Grand Piksy, I seek your wisdom. Please provide me the answers to my questions. I am young. I don't know what to do. I need your help to save Somaile in the next two days!" Nyma exclaimed, not realizing how loud she had been.
"I see. All right. I agree to help you. the piksies' knowledge is at your hand."
"So do you have an idea of how to stop the Light Ones?" Nyma asked, full of excitement.
"Oh no, of course not. Not yet, anyways. Give us until noon and we may have some answers."
With that, every light in the hollow rushed into the hole in the tree and all was dark.


The sun rose higher into the sky, and Nyma woke to the songs of birds and the whistle of the wind. She waited for the sun to appear above her head. Time grew slower and slower, and the day grew hotter and hotter as the winds died down.

Finally, after what seemed like days of waiting, the piksies emerged from the knothole.

"We may have an answer, but it is very risky."

"Well, what is it?" Nyma eagerly awaited her solution.

"We will attempt to summon the many flying creatures of this land, so that they can hide the full moon from view on the night of the attack. It may weaken the Light Ones' powers."

"Of course!" Nyma exclaimed joyfully, "The full moon is their greatest source of power! If it is hidden, it will be as though it is the night of a new moon! Then, the Dark Ones will have the advantage over them, and Somaile will be peaceful once again!"

The other piksies chattered excitedly, but the Grand Piksy remained silent for a few moments. Then she spoke.

"Nyma, it is not as simple as it seems. The moon is much larger than even all of the fliers put together, and the creatures here cannot breathe in outer space."

"Oh. Right." Nyma was discouraged by this news.

"But," continued the queen, "There are enough to cover the island."


To be continued....