Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keeper (continued)

Three (cont.)

The following afternoon, on the day that would determine the fate of Somaile, every piksy in the hollow and Nyma gathered at the foot of the great tree. The queen, whose name turned out to be Rylma, entered the center of the ring of people, wearing a white dress, made of what appeared to be linen, with a deep green shawl. She raised her right hand, and the piksies fell silent and their wings grew dark. Once she was certain that no other sounds were echoing through the hollow, she spoke.
"Today," Rylma began in a great, booming voice, "We summon the flying creatures of this land. Birds, insects, the like... Even woscs and shadows."
The crowd gasped at the realization that there would be those dark shadows in their midst.
"Today," she began again, "We save Somaile!"
At this confident and encouraging declaration, the piksies, along with Nyma, gave a cheer. Then all the piksies sat on flower petals, fallen leaves, and even mushrooms, cross-legged, and began chanting. Nyma decided that she should join in, and sat in the bright green grass, closed her eyes, and attempted to chant words similar to those being said by everyone else.
"Hmmm.. nome veeehh. Hmmm.. no se me veeehh.." everyone cried, over and over again, louder and louder.
Rylma chanted a different grouping of words, at different tones, "Mo seee sheh mano fa rell... Mo seee sheh mano fa rell o..."
As the Grand Piksy continued to sing these prayers, a loud, thundering sound, something of a stampede, but more... flappy, Nyma thought, rumbled from the distance. It grew in volume, louder and LOUDER, until many creatures, riding on the air beneath their wings, found their way to the gathering of the piksies, and when they finally arrived at their doorstep, all fell silent.

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