Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Ghost of Night and Day

Oh, the poor little ghost of the night and day
Quite fine he was 'til he couldn't play.
The other ghosts
Witches, too
All ditched him for he was DIFFERENT!
"Different..." said he. "I wish I was the same!
I'll never make it to halloween day!"
So he went off and decided to prove
That he was a true ghost!
Not just a strange spirit of the night and day...
But on the night before halloween...
The spirit met a little girl who said
"No need to worry
I am the Undead.
Tell me what you wish and I'll make it come true."
The spirit thought, then said, "I wish to be a true ghost!"
As hard as the girl tried, she could not turn him into a true ghost.
The spirit was depressed
But then the little girl said.
"Don't worry. It seems that you are more than a ghost! You are the spirit of halloween!"

1 comment:

  1. thats cool. I like that its the spirit of halloween. OOOoooh.