Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Poem

Greeting creatures!

Everyone beware!

Cuz it will be soon Halloween,

So have a good scare.

Shout a shrill,

Or screach out your name,

For monsters,



and witches,

They are all out there.

So watch your step,

When skipping in the dead of night,

For they are prowling to your doors,

Trying to get their rewards.

They like the kinds which are sweets,

So don't trick me or you shall see,

The blood swiriling in you head.

I'm sorry if your disturbed by me,

Because I'm not anything pretty.

Not a zombie, a wolf, or anything such,

But I did get my rib-cage in a bunch.

You haven't guessed,

Or even said,

Who I can possibley be this evening?

Well if you must know,

I'm the nightmare that creeps in your soul...

Happy Halloween,

Beware the scare,

For I shall be there.