Wednesday, December 8, 2010

When the Winter Wanders

I will be ready
When the last of the leaves fall
And the migrating birds call.
I will know
As life turns a white sheen
And there be not much green.
I will wander
Like the first snow
Oh, how the wise owl knows.
I learn
And see
And observe the grey skies.
My life is white
For now
Until next time.

Friday, November 26, 2010


My little smackroll tastes divine
But I must eat it quickly
For it grows a hand and slaps you in the face when you try to eat it.
I have at least a million hand marks upon my face
But fortunately, for me
the smackroll heals me after I get slapped.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Cloud

A fluff of white,
I see in the sky.
I van mend you to different shapes,
Inside my head that is.

People see the cloud as a bringer of rain,
But I see you as a comfort for shade.
They see you as a way of making the sky grey,
But you are good to me.

So thinking clouds are boring is not right,
But they were here for a reason.
Why do you think they were here?

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Cousins

The cousins were from different places
And came to together.
One was from Fernrock
One was was living with the homeless jays
While the other was from Aerastar in a faraway galaxy.
They came together to find that they were cousins
And discovered things about each other.
They had different minds
And different perspectives on the world.
But nothing could stop them from coming together.
They may have had different perspectives
But they thought in the same ways, too.
And that's what held them together.

Friday, October 29, 2010

The 'Right' Path

Be wary of the paths diverged
At an interesting
When you will be
Told things
You would prefer
To hear them not
Though later on
In this complicated period
That you are upon such a world as this
Then you shall require such
Words that are said
Decide the
Way to take
In this life
Be sure that
You shan't regret
These decisions made

Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Cycle of the Sun and Moon

In the evening,
Before night takes over the sky,
The sun grabs hold of it.
Since this pains the light,
Making it sofficate to an orange.

It then gets even darker,
And the moon starts to get bright.
It sees the sun start to gasp,
Making the sky turn gaping red.

As the sun gulps the last breath,
It hits the horizon and flashes green,
And the moon waves good-bye.

The stars shine for the sad moon,
Who then shines and fades around the clouds,
Waiting for it's turn on death.

they both are part of the cycle.
The cycle of coming and going.
So in away,
Don't feel bad,
Cuz it willl always come around.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Song of Sorrow

Smell the trees in the morn
As i sing a song of calamity
Back when each hated one hated another
And one thousand fifty-three souls were freed.

As Life Drags On

Feed the beast of jealousy
And you shall find
Your days drag on with no progression
As you sit, sighing, deep in a dark room
Powered by your happiness
So the power is dead
Just as you'll be if life drags on
The way it is now.

Heed Meh Warning!

Hear ye, hear ye, one 'n all!
Listen to my hopeful call.
Heed meh warning, do as I say,
Or yeh lives'll wash away.
The dark, it comes,
Closer each day,
It comes to take
Our land away.
If yeh must, dream on,
But no matter what,
Yeh can't stop
What's comin' fer us!
So all, flee! Flee to the hills!
Through the meadow and past the mills!
We'll all die soon, but listen to meh!
You'll live a bit longer if you flee!


Wake from an everlasting sleep
To help the lost souls
Who forgot the way to smile
At time as it softly, swiftly passes
As does the wind on a day like today
When we giggle at the thought
Of sorrow.


Wait till night to reach for the stars
Better awaits those who carry with them
Given to the happy taken from the sad
By they who put
Stars in the sky
To keep our sight after sunset.


If you could smile at the world
All would be well
Time would fly by
Like a bird
Though the wind still blows
Hard at the faces
Of those
Who stop
And stare
We sing of joy
Of love
Of sorrow
Even if
We don't
Feel it
So we live on
To the day
Where it ends
And also

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Mind, Heart, and Soul

Your mind is a butterfly,

Visiting idea to idea,

Or none at all.

Your heart is a flower,

Growing and blossoming,

Letting some things in,

And keeping some out.

Your eyes are a wanderer,

Traveling to known and unknown places,

Not knowing.

Your nose is a baby,

Taking everything in,

The good and the bad,


You are a tree,

Growing day by day,

Not knowing what will happen next,

Standing tall and proud,

Watching and listening

To the many things around you.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Sleep, Dream, It's all right to be weary



It's all right to be weary.

To doze off,

When you want to be sleeping.

The clouds,

The sky,

Start to disappear from view.



The mind from you.



It's all right to be weary.

Close you eyes,

And I will let you sleep.

Before you go,

To dream,

And sleep,

Let the world wash away.



It's all right to be weary.

To doze off,

When you want to be sleeping.


To you,

Childern of the world.

Hope you fly in skies of green.

To parents,

Who sleep of nothing,

Dream on the way you dream.

So wave goodbye,

To the world around you,

As your dreams,

Sweeps you away.

To your happy place,

Or your bad place,

Your safe place,

Any place.

It only has to have one thing,

And that is you.

So sleep on,

Dream on,

It's all right to be weary.

Because nobody is watching you,

When you are dreaming.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Living in a Flower

I lives in a flower.
I smoke me reeds.
Who else could I possibly be!?
Aye, certainly somethin' ye sure wouldn't care to dream about
For I is a grimlode!

I is nasteh and green.
I is goods and evils and in between.
I am one who's is cunning t' all
For all 'em peoples find meh amusing.

I is tineh 'n thin
Me pointed ears's pierce the skins.
But most of all,
Meh only wish is for ye people t' respect meh.
No one cares's for meh.

So ye faerries 'n elves,
dwarves 'n spirits and nymfes 'n orcs's
All of ye!
Fulfill me wish and all will be well...

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Ghost of Night and Day

Oh, the poor little ghost of the night and day
Quite fine he was 'til he couldn't play.
The other ghosts
Witches, too
All ditched him for he was DIFFERENT!
"Different..." said he. "I wish I was the same!
I'll never make it to halloween day!"
So he went off and decided to prove
That he was a true ghost!
Not just a strange spirit of the night and day...
But on the night before halloween...
The spirit met a little girl who said
"No need to worry
I am the Undead.
Tell me what you wish and I'll make it come true."
The spirit thought, then said, "I wish to be a true ghost!"
As hard as the girl tried, she could not turn him into a true ghost.
The spirit was depressed
But then the little girl said.
"Don't worry. It seems that you are more than a ghost! You are the spirit of halloween!"

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Halloween Poem

Greeting creatures!

Everyone beware!

Cuz it will be soon Halloween,

So have a good scare.

Shout a shrill,

Or screach out your name,

For monsters,



and witches,

They are all out there.

So watch your step,

When skipping in the dead of night,

For they are prowling to your doors,

Trying to get their rewards.

They like the kinds which are sweets,

So don't trick me or you shall see,

The blood swiriling in you head.

I'm sorry if your disturbed by me,

Because I'm not anything pretty.

Not a zombie, a wolf, or anything such,

But I did get my rib-cage in a bunch.

You haven't guessed,

Or even said,

Who I can possibley be this evening?

Well if you must know,

I'm the nightmare that creeps in your soul...

Happy Halloween,

Beware the scare,

For I shall be there.


Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anilya - A New Beginning

Hi people of Earth and people who just decided to read to this, I thank you for logging on to this page and reading what I have to say about the world that you live in. I just wanted to say that I think that your world needs some improvement because where I come from, there are no wars, hunger problems, water shortage, electric bills, different religions, buildings, or anything that you guys have. My people don't even have electricy and I get it, you think that I'm crazy if I'm bragging about where I live. However, I am not.

Ok, so you are probably confused about where this is going, but I just want to say that I think you guys are extremely lucky. I live on the Earth like you and my people aren't advanced. Wait, let me re-phrase it, I live in a different demention of your world!

So this is now extremely over the top confusion. Your probably saying if I live in a different demention, how could I had contacted you guys? Well, that wasn't easy. My dad always said to me that if I ever tried to communicate with you, you would think that I'm some wack person who needs to see....the doctor you guys say?

Anyways, my world is not that easy to live in either. My shelter are wooden huts. My "electircy" is nothing much of Flora Lites. Flora Lites are just flowers that produce light naturally without any plug ins or batteries to power anything that you guys have. So if you try to make one, good luck with that.

So now you probably under stand my living, but you don't know how I get my food. Acutally, we don't have to eat anything to stay alive. The only time when we eat is when we are born. Pretty much your parent would stick you in the ground and would water you until you can get out of the ground by yourself. Unfortunately, some don't come out, so the parents leave them in there for life. You are probably saying are how cruel we are to do such a thing, but I have a right to say that to you. If you say that killing your own kind isn't cruel then I don't know what is then.

(I'm sorry for getting off subject there but I just had to point that out.)

Ok, back to business. So......Oh yah, I forgot one crucial detail. Well, I'm not even a human. In a way, I'm one of "Mother Nature's many sons and daughters". I have green hair, blue eyes and wooden colored skin. So, in a way, I'm a walking Earth.

Oh, my dad is coming up right now so I hope to write some more soon. Good bye people of Earth.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Letter to Life

Greetings life,

Thank you for giving me hope and strength,
To wander and search the world you created.
Lending me the Touch so I can discover new things,
The Sniffer to inhale the wonders around me,
And The Listeners to explain to myself the world even deeper.
Also, for letting me have a gift to let the humans grow with their kind to not be lonely.
Letting the big kind lead everyone when you can't,
And for the little kind to explain the young adult's their knowledge that they learned.
Even for them to be in groups and expand their kind around the world.

Thanks to you all,

Mother Nature

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Make Feiries

By Echo

You will need:
-9” of floral wire
-Fake flower petals
-Yarn or string
-Round wooden bead (for head)
-Colored pencils (red and black)

Feel free to use any other materials to make your feirie yours.

1. Bodies
-Cut the wire into 2 pieces: one 2 ½” piece and one 6 ½” piece. Bend the longer piece in half and lay the shorter one ½” down from the fold. Wrap the “legs” around the shorter piece, but keep them on the outside of the fold, or “neck”. It should look a little like a body now.
2. Clothes
-You’ve made your feirie’s body, but you don’t want it to be naked! For the shirt, take some of that string and wrap it around the top ½” of the body, but not the loop. Tie a knot in the back to make it stay on, then glue the knot for extra support.. Try to make it look like a shirt somewhat.
-The skirt is a lot easier. Take your flower petals and stick the “legs” through the hole in the petals. Spread the legs apart and glue it. It should look like a little person with no head.
3. Head and Wings
-Get out that wooden bead and use the pencils to draw a face that suits you. Use yarn or more string to make hair of any length. Glue the hair to the head. Easy, huh? -Wings are not mandatory, but they are nice. If you want them, you can cut flower petals or fake leaves to look like wings, and glue it to the back of the shirt.

Enjoy your feirie friend. Make some more so they won't be lonely.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Nighttime Stole the Stars

Nighttime Stole the Stars is a book about the "Kabuniverse Nothing" in the form of three feirie cousins called Echosong, Soulraye and Stardust. The Kabuniverse Nothing also took form as a warrior called Zx, though his feirie name is Joel Warren. Two of the cousins, Echo and Stardust go through emotion problems.
Feiries weren't supposed to be emotional like the humans... Ever since the emotion divas escaped their diva forms, they caused humans to become less emotional and feiries to be more emotional, causing problems for everything.
Zx goes on an adventure to find the ruler of the emotion divas-- the goddess of destruction and emotion. He must "kill" her in order to put the emotion divas back in their diva forms and make things back to normal. Meanwhile, the cousins deal with the emotions. With the help of four little wind divas, and a squirjum, they conquer their problems together.

This story has nothing to do with good verses evil.......

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feirie Festival

Yesterday, May 22, 2010, the feiries of Rayna and Melene had a festival in Rayna. There games for single player anf for multiple players. There was a big competition for the festival Cup. It started with choosing the 3 best-dressed boys, and the 3 best-dressed girls. then they were put into pairs and did a dancing competition*. One couple was eliminated, and the other two were put with new partners and danced again. One couple was eliminated. The final boy and girl faced each other in a magical duel. The winners were Stardust of the Melenies (she won the cup) and Nicholas of the Melenies (he won the silver acorn). There were art contests and cone toss and a food stand! It was all very enjoyable.

*featuring music from Stringerbelle's album "Pillowblock".

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Welcome to Feiries, Etc.

Here we can talk and connect about feiries (fairies) and more (that's the Etc. part).
This is going to be loads of fun!

I and others enjoy making feirie dolls of wire and cloth flowers. We have taught others how to do this at the 1st and 2nd annual ArtSeed Art-A-Thon and other events.

I hope to hear your ideas on all of this and I shall post feirie-making instructions later on!!!