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Your Typical Suspenseful High School Romance Story

Leta closed her eyes. Everything would go back to normal if she woke up right now. She would be back home, in her bed. Nothing was happening. It was all a dream.
She opened her eyes, only to find that nothing had gone away. She wasn't in her bed, she was in a strange room. Eyes stared at her with one purpose and one purpose only. To eat her.

Everything began on the first day of school. Every story with a frightening and suspenseful climax begins at school. Everyone knows that. In fact, Leta knew that, too. She had a sickening feeling in the pit of her stomach that something would happen, all due to the events of this day. High school. She had heard multiple opinions on the matter. Some said it was great; you meet new people, new teachers, and a new place. It's a fresh start. Others said that it's horrible; you're isolated and/or bullied, and freshman get egged on Fridays. Of course, movies and books that take place in high school that lead to encounters with suspicious and malevolent characters, like Twilight, Wings, and that kind of thing, were another issue. She didn't know who to believe, so she would have to find out for herself.
She got on her bike and hesitantly lifted the kickstand. When she got to the school, it was bustling with people. A LOT of people. Taking out her bike lock, she wondered who was true. So far nothing had gone wrong, but it wasn't too late for something to happen. Once her bike was locked, she walked quickly and discreetly to the entrance, not pausing to ask anyone for directions, even though she needed them. 103A. That's where I go, right? She looked at her schedule. At least she got that much right.
"Looking for 103A, are you?" Leta turned to see someone leaning over her shoulder.
"Well that's on the first floor. The bigger numbers are farther away from the entrance." His voice was confident and smooth. "You've got some ways to go. I'll come with you if you want. My first class is a few doors down anyway."
"Um, okay." Leta was overwhelmed. How could he be so sure of himself?
"Oh, sorry. I'm Reask, by the way. I'm a sophomore."
Oh, that's why he's not nervous.
"I-I'm Leta."
"Cool name."
"Y-you too."
They walked in silence. He seemed okay with that.
Leta sat with the same silence for the duration of Algebra. She listened and took notes, and never raised her hand or spoke. When it was finally over, Leta quickly put her things back in her backpack and was the first out the door.
Just as it would be in any other typical suspenseful high school story, Reask was waiting for her just outside the classroom, leaning one hand against the wall.
"Hey there."
"Um, hi."
"Hey, you wanna come have lunch with me and my friends today?"
She looked up for the first time that day. His face was perfectly shaped, and his skin was flawless, just like any suspicious boy in any story like this. However, this time, it didn't bother her.
"Sure." She didn't stammer, and she smiled. That was her one big mistake.

After a few weeks, Leta wasn't shy anymore. She knew where to go, what to do, and, most importantly, who her friends were. Reask and the others. Reask had two older sisters in junior year, named Jalia and Gifra, who treated Leta as one of their own. He also had a brother who was a freshman, just like Leta. His name was Lysagh. He had been shy as well when they first met, and Leta knew they would be good friends. Now she never ate lunch alone, and Reask walked her to class. She always had someone to talk to.
"Hey, Leta."
She turned and smiled. "Hey, Reask."
"So, I was wondering, would you wanna go somewhere with me Friday?"
"Um, sure. Where to?" Just like the movies. She should run. But she didn't.
"My favorite place in the city."
"Oh. Okay." This wasn't a good sign. But Leta was too excited to be cautious.
"Great. I'll pick you up at eight?"
"Okay, great."
"'Kay. See you then," he said in his low, beautiful voice.

Leta zipped down the stairs to the front door.
"Where you going?" her mom called.
"Reask is taking me somewhere."
"Ooh. Well, okay but don't do anything stupid.'
"I won't. Bye, mom."
"Bye. Have fun."
Leta opened the door to see Reask standing in his usual jeans and T-shirt.
"Hey. Aren't you cold?"
"Nah. This is nothing."
"Uh, okay. Let's go."
They waited at the bus stop (neither of them could drive), and it was a while before Reask finally spoke.
"Leta. Have you ever wondered why you're so beautiful?"
Leta was flattered, but confused. "What do you mean? I'm not that pretty."
"Yes. You are. Like an angel."
He turned to her and cupped his hand around her cheek. As he leaned in closer, Leta forgot how to move. How to breathe. Their lips were a breath apart when the headlights of their bus came into view.
Leta suddenly remembered how to use her arms and legs, and she turned away from him and walked toward the door. He followed and put in $1.50. They sat silently as the bus moved, faster and faster. after about ten minutes, the bus stopped again.
"We're here."
They both got up and walked out.
"Thanks." Leta said to the bus driver as she passed him. They were on the sidewalk in front of a dilapidated old building. Leta was confused again.
"It's nicer inside. Come on."
They strode to the door and Reask pulled out a key. The tumbles clicked as he unlocked the door.
Reask turned to face her. "It'll be fine. Trust me."
She did. She trusted him. Maybe too much.
She followed him inside. It was dark. Reask pushed the door closed and the fear in Leta's gut built higher. Then a single lamp switched on. She saw the outlines of the faces of Jalia and Gifra, as well as some she didn't know, staring at her, their eyes full of hunger and rage.
"Reask, what's going on?" Leta squealed, the fear overwhelming her.
"Remember when I told you that you were like an angel?" Reask replied slyly from the shadows, "That's because you are an angel."
Leta gasped in shock. No way this was true.
"Why do you think you were adopted? Demons killed your angel parents. Demons like us.
"But why do you want me?"
"You, my dear," Reask continued as he moved closer and held her cheek again, "Are the last of your kind."
Leta pushed his hand away and ran to the door. It was locked. Leta closed her eyes. Everything would go back to normal if she woke up right now. She would be back home, in her bed. Nothing was happening. It was all a dream.
She opened her eyes, only to find that nothing had gone away. She wasn't in her bed, she was in a strange room. Eyes stared at her with one purpose and one purpose only. To eat her.
She watched as the demons moved in closer, closer, the perfection fading from their ravenous faces. She braced herself for what was to come.
Good bye, mom. Good bye, world. Good bye... Reask.
"No! I won't let you eat her!"
Someone had jumped in front of her, she could hear their breathing near her. She opened her eyes. It was the back of Lysagh's head.
"Brother, I told you not to interfere! I told you that if you're gonna be a vegetarian, you need to stop saving our food!"
"Yes. But Leta's different. You betrayed her. She trusted you, and you turned on her." His voice was strained, "I'm not taking orders from someone like you anymore!"
"Hm. I see. Would you kill me, then?"
"You may be my brother," Lysagh continued, "But if you still plan to eat Leta, I will kill you, brother. I love her. I don't love you anymore!"
Leta stood in shock. She hadn't spoken, and she didn't plan to.
"You have become blinded by anger. The angels may have killed our parents, but you have killed all but one. And I won't let you finish it."
"All right, then. If that's what you think. Come at me. I dare you."
Lysagh charged at him, and Reask dodged his blows, all with a smirk on his now deranged face. After some short amount of time, Lysagh looked up at his brother, guilt and sorrow in his eyes.
"I'm so sorry it had to end this way, brother," he said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out a small handgun. he squeezed his eyes shut as he pulled the trigger.
There was no blood. Just ash. Let a watched in amazement and horror at the black soot that was falling to the floor, erupting from Reask's body.
Lysagh turned to his sisters. "Sisters, please."
"Say no more, Lysagh," said Jalia, "We didn't like this much, either."
"Yeah, I like deer better anyway," said Gifra. Leta cringed at the thought of eating a deer.
"Thank you."
"Master Lysagh," came a voice from one of the new faces. This man was quite old, but his wrinkles were perfectly shaped. "We're all very sorry for causing you so much trouble. However, now that your brother is defeated, you are the heir to the throne.
This was getting even more surprising by the minute.
"Congratulations, Lord Lysagh," came another voice.
"Thank you, too. All of you." He turned to Leta. "I'm so sorry about all of this. My brother, he-"
Leta wrapped her arms around his neck and pushed herself up so their lips met. She felt his arms close around her. She wished this moment could go on forever. She finally brought her face away from his and smiled as she continued to look up at him.
"I love you, too."

So this is obviously one of those stories where the main characters are too young to know that they love each other, but they do anyway. Besides, it's an angel and a demon. They're more mature than they should be. :)



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Muahahaha! Raven's Random Post!

Ha!  I'm posting on Echo's blog wether she likes it or not!  Now...  Let me think of something that REALLY irritates Echo... like... THERE'S A LEECH ON YOUR BACK!

Let's see what else... like... nyan nyan nyan nyan nyan.

Or let's see... like... YOUR FACE!

Ok I can't think of anymore.  Byebye =)