Sunday, September 19, 2010

Anilya - A New Beginning

Hi people of Earth and people who just decided to read to this, I thank you for logging on to this page and reading what I have to say about the world that you live in. I just wanted to say that I think that your world needs some improvement because where I come from, there are no wars, hunger problems, water shortage, electric bills, different religions, buildings, or anything that you guys have. My people don't even have electricy and I get it, you think that I'm crazy if I'm bragging about where I live. However, I am not.

Ok, so you are probably confused about where this is going, but I just want to say that I think you guys are extremely lucky. I live on the Earth like you and my people aren't advanced. Wait, let me re-phrase it, I live in a different demention of your world!

So this is now extremely over the top confusion. Your probably saying if I live in a different demention, how could I had contacted you guys? Well, that wasn't easy. My dad always said to me that if I ever tried to communicate with you, you would think that I'm some wack person who needs to see....the doctor you guys say?

Anyways, my world is not that easy to live in either. My shelter are wooden huts. My "electircy" is nothing much of Flora Lites. Flora Lites are just flowers that produce light naturally without any plug ins or batteries to power anything that you guys have. So if you try to make one, good luck with that.

So now you probably under stand my living, but you don't know how I get my food. Acutally, we don't have to eat anything to stay alive. The only time when we eat is when we are born. Pretty much your parent would stick you in the ground and would water you until you can get out of the ground by yourself. Unfortunately, some don't come out, so the parents leave them in there for life. You are probably saying are how cruel we are to do such a thing, but I have a right to say that to you. If you say that killing your own kind isn't cruel then I don't know what is then.

(I'm sorry for getting off subject there but I just had to point that out.)

Ok, back to business. So......Oh yah, I forgot one crucial detail. Well, I'm not even a human. In a way, I'm one of "Mother Nature's many sons and daughters". I have green hair, blue eyes and wooden colored skin. So, in a way, I'm a walking Earth.

Oh, my dad is coming up right now so I hope to write some more soon. Good bye people of Earth.

Monday, September 6, 2010

A Letter to Life

Greetings life,

Thank you for giving me hope and strength,
To wander and search the world you created.
Lending me the Touch so I can discover new things,
The Sniffer to inhale the wonders around me,
And The Listeners to explain to myself the world even deeper.
Also, for letting me have a gift to let the humans grow with their kind to not be lonely.
Letting the big kind lead everyone when you can't,
And for the little kind to explain the young adult's their knowledge that they learned.
Even for them to be in groups and expand their kind around the world.

Thanks to you all,

Mother Nature