Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to Make Feiries

By Echo

You will need:
-9” of floral wire
-Fake flower petals
-Yarn or string
-Round wooden bead (for head)
-Colored pencils (red and black)

Feel free to use any other materials to make your feirie yours.

1. Bodies
-Cut the wire into 2 pieces: one 2 ½” piece and one 6 ½” piece. Bend the longer piece in half and lay the shorter one ½” down from the fold. Wrap the “legs” around the shorter piece, but keep them on the outside of the fold, or “neck”. It should look a little like a body now.
2. Clothes
-You’ve made your feirie’s body, but you don’t want it to be naked! For the shirt, take some of that string and wrap it around the top ½” of the body, but not the loop. Tie a knot in the back to make it stay on, then glue the knot for extra support.. Try to make it look like a shirt somewhat.
-The skirt is a lot easier. Take your flower petals and stick the “legs” through the hole in the petals. Spread the legs apart and glue it. It should look like a little person with no head.
3. Head and Wings
-Get out that wooden bead and use the pencils to draw a face that suits you. Use yarn or more string to make hair of any length. Glue the hair to the head. Easy, huh? -Wings are not mandatory, but they are nice. If you want them, you can cut flower petals or fake leaves to look like wings, and glue it to the back of the shirt.

Enjoy your feirie friend. Make some more so they won't be lonely.