Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Cold Hard Shell of Pearls

The trees sing to me in whispers

Of the children waiting to be born

And the cold hard shell

Of pearls

Of the softly breathing

Flowers who just wish

To be spared the shivering

Sensation of crushed stems

And of the anchors thrown

Across the sea of peace

To stop it from moving

The trees tell me things they see

And stories that they hear

But the one I remember most

Was the tale of a girl

Who could speak to the trees.

What We Have Become

Take a bite
Let the energy
Of the sweet
Yet bitter
Flow through
And it will sing you
Songs of courage
And immerse you
In bewilderment
At the people we
Have become
Over time.

Take the time
Drink the water
Yet quickly
And know what
It tastes like
And it will tell you
Tales of equality
And immerse you
In bewilderment
At the people we
Have become
Over time.

The World at a Glance

Why we all wonder
How to explain
The world at a glance
But every time I see the clouds,
Picturesque, whether they be white or grey,
And I smile, thinking, wondering
Why they aren't treated equally
And why we aren't either.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Staring at the World

Out in space
Is where I am,
I'm there,
Yet not.
I'm everything,
Yet nothing.
I forgot what I am,
Or what I should be.

I see the stars twinkling in my eyes,
And the planets in the universe passing by me.
I also see the moon round in my face,
And I realize that there is no air for me to breath.

I feel a magic power making me fly in the empty world,
I try to touch the empty world,
But there is nothing to touch.
I want to breath air,
But there is non out here.

I want to talk to a being,
But no ones here where I am.
So I look inside myself and try to find,
The world where I am supposed to be.
I look left and right,
Up and down,
But I know that it's useless,
But it somehow feels right at the moment.

I search for some time later for a planet,
As I look in different places,
But I didn't find it so far.

As I look in despair for the world to live,
I realize that I know it will be harder to adapt,
So I just shrug and stare at the empty place,
My empty place.


Thank goodness for the forests that are left in the world.  If only we all planted some sort of forest, we wouldn't be worrying about the whole "loading" situation with computers. =P  Ha!  Well, I have a garden to tend to.  Good bye humans who have to wait for their computers to load!  And hail to the beguiling bunnies!
--Your former friend,
The Foliage Spirit